Its uptake varies a lot depending where you are but it’s worth knowing about. You work hard for your music income. If you are first starting out, a computer will cut down on a lot of your audio costs. Lecturer Jimmy Ewing uses on a module called Radio Entrepreneurs. Many Radio Stations are already taking advantage of broadcasting to these homes by getting Alexa to play their stations with a simple ‘Alexa, play My Radio Station’. You are actually running a community centre, a training college, a refuge, a day-care unit, a debating hall and a social club – albeit one which just happens to make radio. (see a mass of new resources in the Training section), The biggest difference between voluntary sector management and other types is that volunteers are there because they want to be involved, not because you are paying them. We will look at how the relationships within your station, between volunteers, staff and directors can be made to work for you rather than becoming problematic. It takes many forms: Be sure of your output before you have a launch event, after all, why market a sound that doesn’t show your true potential. Instead of just talking at your audience, build a two way connection. Always be prepared for controversy, especially if you manage a talk-oriented radio station. The role of a director is not to crawl all over the day-to-day activities at the station, which is likely to cause problems with authority and morale. Finally, any kind of prior experience with broadcast radio will be helpful as you begin your own station. People involved in community radio often tend to be quite egalitarian types. To reserve a frequency “At the current time there are no FM or AM frequencies available in the Gauteng area, says Tshifularo Sigwavhulimu”, Radio Frequency Specialist at ICASA. Get in touch and we'll do our best to help, Setting up successful social media profiles, Increasing engagement through social media, A guide to Health Partnerships for Community Radio, A guide to Social Prescribing for Community Radio,,, a wide range of management and community skills. You can upload your radio show as a podcast or as an internet radio station with a computer. So not only is there a strong ethical argument for them top work with you, but one that delivers tangible benefits too – it’s right and it works! The best starting point for the relationship between management and volunteers is a clear, extensive, mutually-agreed set of rules and responsibilities, ideally gathered into a signed volunteer agreement. The training you offer should fit the needs of your volunteers and offer them progression and personal development to whatever level their abilities and ambition allow. Look at ads in trade magazines like "Radio & Records" for details on radio management software. As the name implies, the Station Manager oversees just about everything that goes on at a radio station. How is a radio station internally structured? In most cases – think of a community creche or older persons’ centre – attracting volunteers to serve tea or babysit toddlers is a difficult task. Much of it will be about what happens on air, with basic explanations of broadcast regulations and legislation around libel, obscenity etc  and station policy on those standards, which may well be more strict (see Your Own Station Rules). It can soak up as much energy and money as you have available, but marketing can be effective even with very limited resources. The role of each is different, and equally important. How do I manage a radio show? Human resources management skills include: The practice of human resources management in the community radio sector should be no different to any other, so we shall swiftly move on. The classic management chain (see Figure **) has the senior manager employed by the governing body, or Board. The chemistry which develops between paid staff and unpaid volunteers is a key component in the success or failure of a community radio station. You should have excellent relationships with other community radio stations – at least those far enough away that you will never be competing for the same licence or advertisers. Few organisations can be as useful to you as other radio stations, whatever their size or nature. But volunteers are so central to community radio that their role, their needs and their position needs to be firmly built into your management structures. While those three months are passing, it would be very healthy if the volunteer can be given not less but more supervision and training. (see Basic Financial Management and subsequent sections). They have been a wonderful resource for us and we have provided them with talent and good programming. Get noticed The staff are there to enable the volunteers to train, to broadcast and to serve their community, and get little of the glory themselves. Students create their own radio station to build real-world skills. Finally, even in the belly of the most corporate beast of a huge mainstream radio station , you are linked to them by the little word ‘radio’. Many radio stations record shows on computers and play them at a selected time over the airways. Of course that day never comes, and in the meantime your station is going unnoticed by many of your potential volunteers, partners and listeners. It is vital that neither staff members or volunteers feel that one is ‘outranked’ by the other. Community radio is by its nature democratic. A general manager of a TV station is a top executive who directs operations to ensure organizational and financial goals are met. Leadership ability is above and such beyond formal structures. Ensure that radio station employees follow procedures. But to be a good community radio station, a project also needs to be a good employer, a factor with even greater importance if your lack of resources requires a greater call on the goodwill of your station team. Develop Listener Communication. Any time you can get your band name in front of a cultural tastemaker, whether they play your music or not, it’s a great investment.If you get a station’s mailing address and decide to send a package ou… There might be an accountancy graduate and an untrained, unemployed artistic genius who would love to design your flyers and posters. This means you don’t have to download anything and you can professionally manage a radio station. Connect your Google Analytics account to your site to get even more statistical data. If such problems are interfering with their ability to make radio, then you have an obligation to help them to access the help they need from specialist agencies or services. A great leader with poor management skills may gather a dynamic team around him, but the station is liable to be pulled in many different directions or find itself focussed to an unhealthy extent on that one charismatic individual. You run around like a headless chicken before your broadcast, run even faster while you are on air, and then you probably have a long period to recover and review your experiences. Other StationsCongratulations. In practice that usually means a broad-based community partnership will form the Board of Directors and/ or steering group. In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can better organise your schedule using the Programs module on the Radio Manager. Keep thumbing up the songs you like, rock out to your favorite radio stations, whether it's a live station or a custom artist station ... like Taylor Swift Radio. Prepr is a radio management system. Is there anything we can do?’  Even the smaller stations, once they get used to you, and realise that your different sound isn’t going to empty their share-holders’ coffers, might come on board. But when there is a queue, every volunteer who exercises his or her right to the airwaves is preventing someone else from exercising theirs. If you are new to voluntary sector management, your reading should stretch well beyond this Toolkit. Consider a dedicated radio station server. Most home internet connections have a maximum upload speed of around 500 mbps. And yet the responsibility of a director to ensure due diligence does entitle him or her to full access to the station’s activities. Other breaches – such as failing to turn up for a scheduled show – might be best dealt with some version of a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy. So turning their values and vision into efficient and effective day-to-day management is the key role of the manager or management team. ICASA will shortly be making available a number of AM frequencies to anyone, meaning commercial or community stations, … Often you won’t know unless you ask, whether individually at point of first contact or through your internal communications such as a newsletter or notice board. You’ve got your key partners in place and you are ready to replicate the thrill of your RSL broadcasts for up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of your disc jockeys might make a remark that riles an important advertiser or a particular segment of your listeners. Commercial and BBC stations often struggle to find recruits who aren’t identikit trust-funded, white, middle class, media studies graduates. They didn’t volunteer to be abused, exploited or shouted at. Remember that the person who speaks with most authority is not always the person who acts with most authority. Software packages geared to broadcast management make it easier to send emails to listeners, schedule commercials, compile music playlists and coordinate contests and promotions. In this chapter we will explain how to get the most from your volunteers and staff without anyone exhausting themselves or burning out. You can’t pay people to cover all that time, so you will be dependent on volunteers to some extent keep the station running. You can find yourself, by luck or judgement, overseeing a team who all have shared objectives and do their own jobs well, leaving you looking great. First, you’ll need to head to “settings”, which can be found in the left-hand menu. Running an RSL tends to be a very intense experience. What A Manager Needs 5. Community radio stations are a great potential source of new talent in all areas of radio production. You can upload your files, get a sharable listen link, and listeners can tune via your own custom HTML5 radio player. If the respect, understanding and trust between volunteers and staff breaks down, the station is in deep trouble. If authority is undermined or exercised badly, so too are responsibility and accountability. By the end of it the volunteers should feel like they have joined a team, if not a family. This is obviously unsustainable. The Radio CMS displays the essential information you need to manage your radio station. If they even sense that the latter is the case, they may become angry and confused about any disciplinary action. You don’t want to treat your volunteers as criminals or children – even if they are! These professionals typically report directly to the board of directors or owner of the TV station. Creating your own radio station can be a lot of fun, and with Internet radio becoming more and more popular, anyone can create their own radio shows and voice their opinions. But it’s the thousand yard stare that’s the real give away – these people have been places and seen things that no human being should ever have to see. Volunteer management textbooks often work on the assumption that volunteers are rare and valuable creatures who must be cosseted and treasured, while there will probably be an excess of potential clients / users desperate to access the services the group provides. Ensure that radio station employees follow procedures. How to Start a Student Radio Station. Besides the rules concerning behaviour and broadcasting requirements, the induction should also explain: The induction is also a very good time to conduct your ‘skills and needs’ assessment – where you find out what the volunteer has to offer the station and what they need from it. If it does, everybody takes it personally, and there is outrage across the board. Another source of HR support for your team is a local business who might allow their HR people to help you as part of a ‘corporate social responsibility’ partnership. A manager with poor leadership skills might perform their tasks efficiently enough, but will soon find it difficult to maintain the interest of volunteers and staff, who may drift away or under-perform at work. Because being a radio station owner and manager means being a jack of all trades, experience in any of its key fields can help you be successful. It becomes much harder for you as a manager to then clamp down, once a particular rot has taken hold. And still they smile. (see Volunteers). About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features. Much of that work will be conducted by support workers, trainers, producers etc. Good networking, gentle diplomacy and a growing awareness of the nature of community radio should hopefully mean this will change in the not-so-distant future. Other details are procedural – what the volunteer should do if they can’t make their show or there is a technical failure in the studio, for example. One consequence of that is that they know when someone gets away with mischief and when they don’t. From your station's main page, click on the avatar at the top r... Fri, 31 Jul, 2020 at 4:21 PM Managing the Radio Settings Access to the Settings of a radio station have the owner and the staff members. Both parties must know what will happen if such agreements are breached (see Rules & Agreements ), Let community radio be your passion, not your obsession, If community radio is not your passion, you probably shouldn’t be involved at all. It must be totally transparent to each member of the management chain exactly what they have authority and responsibility for, and to whom they are accountable. CloudRadio's beta auto DJ is currently available for sign up. It’s not enough to say ‘thanks for your input’ and file the letter. A good manager needs all three, and needs to be able to distinguish between them. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. A community radio station should be managed by the community, from the community and for the community. The driving ethos of community radio is that access to the airwaves is a human right. Zeno. Your volunteers need to be able to express themselves in their own way on air and off, but you do need to set boundaries. You may be in for a surprise. Works with any device. It is possible to manage a project – sometimes for a surprising length of time – without really being in control of it. This body controls and manages the frequency spectrum. There are also situations where community radio is brought to a community by an outside agency. Marketing is yet another task that you think can be put off until mythical day when there is money and time to spare. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. A volunteer might make brilliant radio, represent alternative sections of your community, draw in large numbers of listeners, attend every volunteer meeting and always wash her coffee cup, but if she routinely swears on air or fails to lock the front door when leaving the station she is a liability. Some of it is behavioural – the standards of behaviour which everyone at the station are expected to adhere to. What is the difference between a club DJ and a Radio DJ? There is no official reason why a community radio station couldn’t be run entirely by unpaid volunteers, but our experience suggests it is impractical. You need to market your station to maximise the benefits your station can offer your community. Learn what they are so you can ensure none of the rules are violated. They are not being paid, they are generally nice people, maybe you even socialise with them after work. © 2020 Google LLC. It is a fine balance, but eventually returns to mutual respect and trust. It’s like a magic as if you ever interested in internet radio broadcasting you will know how hard or expensive it may be. This means you could really only broadcast to about two people, and you would be using up most of your upload speed on the station… If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Learn to manage a music radio station or become a Radio DJ. Develop a financial plan by meeting with the owner, accounting department and other department heads to determine how funds should be allocated and what to expect in terms of revenue from the sales staff and other employees. In any voluntary organisation everyone, from the newest volunteer to the most senior member of the board, should be accountable to someone and know who that someone is. You are accountable if you are obliged to answer, explain or justify yourself to those who delegate authority and responsibility to you. This brings community radio to a national audience, and hopefully other BBC stations will take this up as well.”. The radio server will then execute the programming dictated by the Radio Manager and make it available to listeners via the radio listening link. The temptation to let lapses and breaches of the rules slip past is often very strong. A member of staff may be responsible for training volunteers, but not have the authority to decide the curriculum of the course. STATION MANAGER. That also involves writing a business plan, creating a website, and broadcasting their shows online using the platform. Which is not to say that you can ‘use and abuse’ your volunteers because there’ll be another one along in a minute. Free HR policies are available from the NCVO website at: It is up to each station to decide where those limits lie. Once you schedule a show in a station you can set specific episodes of the schedule and organise the... Add a … In those circumstances it is easy to lose sight of who has responsibility for what. Having said that, with your station serving so many functions, always keep in mind your core functions – what it is you are there to do. Should be considered in much more depth than we can spare/do? An easy to use platform for professionals and beginners alike to stream Sports, News, Talk, and Politics. Then when she re-applies for her show she has a better grasp of routine, a better understanding of the problems caused by non-attendance, and because her skills have improved, she will enjoy making radio more and so be more motivated to attend. How to Start a Sirius XM Radio Station. Check out what the students had to say about getting started with The managers of a community radio station may sometimes feel like the chauffeurs of a finely tuned limousine, but more often they will feel like they are herding hyperactive cats – an endlessly demanding and sometimes wildly frustrating experience. Larger community radio stations might think about employing a specialist human resources manager, or investing in the services of an HR consultancy firm, of which there are many specialising in the not-for-profit sector (your local voluntary sector umbrella group should have a list.) Radio evangelists will promote your radio station shows for you by sharing socially online which builds trust for your station… She has been given a first and second warning on the previous occasions, and the station policy is that she should lose her show until the next round of schedule allocation in three months’ time. Using Episodes. When you build a radio brand, you help fight the perception that all radio stations are the same - with too many commercials and not enough music or other content. With Radiolize, you can create and manage your entire radio station from your cloud studio. You'll need to have a tough skin and a cool demeanor as you'll manage temperamental on-air personalities, interns and stubborn salespeople. What are the main roles within a radio? Applicants for full-time community radio licenses typically propose a staff of around three or four full time positions. Mixing Staff & Volunteers 3. The atmosphere around most stations is of everyone mucking in together, and staff will often do bits and pieces of each other’s jobs on any given day. Alternatively two or three part-time employees with different roles could replace one full time specialist. The board are all-powerful, but should always remember that the secret of wielding power is knowing when not to use it. It covers the management of public service, commercial and community radio stations and the wide range of new DAB, online, web and independent production opportunities. Is a valuable mix of experiences and abilities, Is just as important in community radio as anywhere else. Android. It’s a common mistake to undervalue the range of skills, abilities, contacts and general usefulness of your volunteers. This is different to authority because it does not necessarily involve freedom to decide what is or is not done. Permanent broadcasting is an entirely different matter – like switching from running a sprint to a marathon. Community radio stations are like ants’ nests at times, with volunteers bustling around each other and working in close proximity. The volunteer should commit themselves to a certain amount of time and activity, for example two hours broadcasting activities and two hours of non-broadcast support activities each week. All of these factors require your internal communications to be working well. Talk to listeners on your shows and offer them a chance to get involved. The prospect of calling them into the office and giving them a dressing down or informing them that they have been barred from the station is not a pleasant one. If you are from an outside agency in that role, growing the community links might not be your most pressing operational priority but that does not lessen its importance. If activities are not funded, or not in keeping with your basic objectives, you should ask yourself why you are doing them. It should be clear that disciplinary proceedings are hard and fast, not made up on the spot by the station manager. So to really create your most awesome radio station ever, get to listening! Radio Regen is currently negotiating a formal mentoring system with the BBC for our senior managers, which offers enormous value to our staff. Listen. Take action to help you and your station stand out in a cluttered market. The Community Media Association  is the hub of the network, and if you actively involve yourself in that you will be able to meet and share experiences with a large number of colleagues in the community sector. You can’t run a station properly if you need to approach the Board for permission to buy a packet of paper clips or give a colleague a day off. One industry that you should look into is radio stations. Broadcasting is only one part of the equation, and the quality or popularity of that broadcasting may be much less important than the quality and extent of your service to the community. Should specify the limits to volunteers’ autonomy and creative freedom. One way to think of this is that the station provides the volunteer with a blank canvas upon which they can paint – but that canvas, even if it’s really huge, is already bound by a frame. In extreme circumstances (violent behaviour, theft, criminal damage to station property) you may need to ban a volunteer for life, but this will be very unusual. Creativity, self-expression and the airing of alternative and unheard voices are all crucial to successful community radio. That said, don’t wait until everything’s perfect – it never will be. But if as manager you are not aware of how your colleagues work, how they are making their decisions and the processes they use, you could find yourself in deep trouble when something goes wrong or one or two colleagues are suddenly taken ill or leave their job. Top of the list is usually admin work – completing project monitoring and evaluation forms for funders, generating and processing invoices, keeping track of bills and so on. Managing a station is a 24/7 activity. But for now, this chapter should offer you a useful overview of the range of expertise a station manager is likely to need. It is also very dangerous. That’s three or four people who between them may need to be project manager, administrator, trainer, accountant, secretary, community worker, youth worker,  technician, publicist, producer, diplomat, fundraiser, social worker, counsellor, painter, decorator, carpenter, tea-maker, cleaner and, oh yeah, broadcaster. The formal training you offer is likely to form a significant source of income for your station, and a good partner college may offer wider benefits of advice, support and resources. You must maintain a steady pace, and to do that you must be aware of what your limitations are. For the first time blind people in Scotland will have their own programme they can tune in to, which is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of the issues for the rest of the population, and encourage equality, and of course it’s an incredible opportunity for our volunteers to make radio on a national platform. As we go to print the BBC nationally is talking to the CMA about exploring the many ways BBC local stations and community radio stations can enjoy many a happy collaboration. It’s also worth bearing in mind that running a community radio station may cost somewhere between £50 and £100 per hour. If someone is availing themselves of such a valuable resource they should be expected to act responsibly and behave decently. The great community radio manager will also have: Most management is based upon structures, ensuring that the group or station is organised in a way that helps ensure efficient and effective activities. On the other hand they must be aware of their duties and responsibilities. The induction should be formally organised, and offer an opportunity for the new volunteer to ask any questions about the station and its policies. If you’re busy and recruiting a lot of new volunteers at once, you might be tempted to print out half a dozen pages of rules and regulations, thrust them into the hand of a new volunteer and send them on their way. Hire disc jockeys, advertising reps and other personnel. iOS. It is a lot to ask of an unpaid volunteer – especially if they have other career or family commitments. You'll be responsible for seeing that everyone at the station complies with FCC regulations and federal and local laws. Marketing 10. They must know what they can expect from you, and the station must be clear what standards of commitment and behaviour is expected from volunteers. Obey them or you’re in trouble.’ Your volunteer agreement needs to spell out the rules, but just as importantly it needs to spell out why the rule is in place and what will happen if it is breached. Update: there is a Memorandum of Understanding between the BBC and the CMA that basically asks the BBC to ‘do the right thing’ and give a lift to community stations (I summarise). Staff Roles & Responsibilities 4. Typically community radio staff and key workers are driven by their love of the medium and inspired by the potential to change lives and whole communities. You can spot the few dozen folk who have been involved in running the pilot Access Radio stations. “Radio Scotland have been one of our partners from the start, they’ve given us training and support, we have worked with them in a number of outside broadcasts and so on. This should be broadly and clearly set out in the terms and conditions agreed when an employment contract is signed, although the finer details may be agreed as a matter of ongoing management policies. This may be particularly true with regards to your equal opportunities policy and offensive language. Discover the best music, sports and news talk radio stations. The result is, hopefully, a long waiting list of would-be volunteers. The classic argument about whether a comment is a harmless joke or a gross insult is revisited on a regular basis in every community radio station (and probably every other work and social space). It is impossible to do it all. The BBC is a public service broadcaster, and its remit goes beyond broadcasting to the public. See the sample set of rules in Resources to the side and below. Small radio is where their staff came from and all but the most jaded cynic amongst them will feel an empathy with a broadcaster trying to get by on two bits of string and a used phone card. Staff and key volunteers will soon find themselves invited to meeting and events every night of the week. Everyone should be clear about what – and who – they have responsibility for. In a broader sense the Board and the station as a whole is responsible to the community it serves and your ‘promise of performance’ to OFCOM makes it clear that this is not just some ‘good thing’ to be given a token nod in passing but must be a structurally clear part of how your radio station runs. All the ‘community’ criteria apply but they might evolve differently. This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. In the screen that appears, you’ll be able to configure several things, including the name and description of your online radio station, as well as the time zone. Volunteers are the lifeblood of your station, without them your existence is meaningless. It’s a very equal partnership, they haven’t been patronising at all. Create a budget for the station. OFCOM have recognised the brilliance of your licence application. Typically, a group may begin as a purely voluntary project, but by the time it is receiving significant funding for training or community projects, it will feel the need to employ an administrator or project manager.
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