BEEF SHAHI KORMA CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA GF British Influence (20) tandoori grilled boneless chicken in a tomato cream sauce with mild spices . Mixed vegetables cooked with cashews, raisins, and cream sauce with homemade cheese. LAMB VINDALOO Crispy pastries stuffed with lean ground lamb and peas, lightly seasoned with spices. Lamb kadhai sauteed with onion, bell pepper, tomato and chili in kadhai with a touch of curry, Ground lamb with green peas and a touch of spices and a curry sauce, Lamb cooked with creamed spinach & curry sauce. Delicately flavored spinach cooked with chickpeas. Shahi Paneer can literally be translated to “royal cottage cheese.” Paneer is a fresh cheese that is popular in Indian cuisine. LAMB CURRY Hot and Spicy! Potatoes & green peas sauteed with onions and tomatoes with curry sauce, Potatoes & okra cooked in a medium hot spicy sauce, Black lentils simmered for hours with herbs and spices then tempered with butter. Ground chicken marinated in Indian spices and roasted in the tandoor. A tandoor (/ t æ n ˈ d ʊər / or / t ɑː n ˈ d ʊər /) also known as tannour is a cylindrical clay or metal oven used in cooking and baking. SHRIMP TANDOOR CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA SHAHI PANEER Tender chunks of Chicken sauteed with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes with a touch of curry sauce, Chicken grilled in the tandoor and cooked with traditional spices and creamy spinach, Chicken sauteed with bell peppers, tomatoes and tangy sauce. Starting Wednesday March 17, 20217 Days / Week, Best Restaurants, Things to Do, and Local Dallas, Chicken wings marinated & cooked over mesquite in tandoor, Mildly spiced minced lamb meat, cooked on a skewer in tandoor, Boneless, succulent chicken, gently broiled, Combination of chicken tikka, seekh kebab & tandoori chicken wings, Crisp Patties stuffed with seasoned ground meat, peas and Indian herbs, Slice of homemade cheese stuffed with mint & spices, deep fried in garbanzo flour, Crisp Patties stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas, Round potatoes patties garnished with Indian spices, Chick pea patty stuffed with onion and spices, Tender pieces of fish marinated in ground spices, ginger & garlic, fried and served with lemon, Coconut tomato soup with a dash of Indian Spice, Lettuce and tomato salad with house dressing, Cucumber, tomatoes, green peppers with tangy spices and lemon juice, Cool wisp yogurt, cucumber potatoes & mint, Delicately spiced lentil soup garnished with rice and chicken, Tender chunks of lamb marinated in yogurt and spices; charcoal grilled, Chunk of cheese marinated in fresh spices. Sautéed potatoes cooked with cumin seeds and Indian spices. Beef prepared with fresh mushrooms in a cream and tomato sauce. View the full menu from Indian Enroute in Gloucester GL3 3TL and place your order online. Tandoori prawn cooked with tomato and herb sauce,contains nuts. Chicken and mushrooms cooked in a spicy cream sauce,contains nuts. MUSHROOM MASALA Sweet, spicy mango relish. £5.50 Fish ... Shahi Paneer Main Indian … Kids Menu. ALOO GOBI All dinners for two include a TANDOORI CHICKEN TIKKA CHICKEN NAAN Chicken and potatoes sautéed in a spicy, tangy sauce. CHEESE PAKORA Fresh homemade Indian cheese cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. RAS MALAI CHICKEN SAAG Pan-seared lamb cubes seasoned with hot, spicy sauce, garnished with tomatoes. Our Popular dishes for dine in and online Soup & Salad, From Tandoor Clay Oven, Chicken Entrees, Lamb Entrees, Seafood Entrees, Vegetarian Entrees, Biryani, Bread Baked in Tandoor, Sides, Dessert, Beverages, House Wine, Champagnes, White Wines, Red Wines, Dessert Wines fragrant with saffron. Accompanied with our special cilantro and tamarind chutneys. Come to Bombay Royale for The Best Indian Cuisine in Northampton. Traditional light & Fluffy white bread baked in tandoor. ACHAAR $18.95: Jhinga Jhalfrezi Tofu stewed with spinach and mild spices. STRAWBERRY LASSI Mix of fresh vegetables prepared with ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and spices. $10+ Per person (20 orders minimum) Non Vegetarian Menu. Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken cooked in a fresh tomato sauce with a touch of light cream and warm spices. Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw. Yellow lentils simmered in tomatoes, onions, garlic ginger and blend of spices, Beef cubes cooked in a blend of curry sauce, Extra spiced beef cooked with potatoes in a tangy, highly spiced sauce, ,Meat cooked in a creamy almond sauce,contans nuts. LAMB KARARA BALTI TANDOORI MURG Lamb and potatoes sautéed with a spicy, tangy sauce. ROTI CHICKEN KARARA BALTI CHICKEN TIKKA GF Pakistani Influence (20.50) tandoori grilled boneless chicken breast … Fresh shrimp cooked in curry sauce and a touch of tomato sauce. Eggplant roasted in tandoor oven and cooked with green peas ,fresh tomatoes,onions, ginger and garlic. TAWA PANEER A traditional Indian soup featuring chicken cubes with herbs and mild spice. SHAHI KORMA Creamy Mughlai curry, raisins, almonds. With years of experience in Tandoor making, we have designed a perfect BBQ Tandoori oven for domestic use. TOMATO SOUP A Kashmiri dish of beef in a yogurt sauce infused with clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. Pan-seared lamb cooked in fresh tomato sauce with light cream and aromatic spices. Creamy rice pudding with pistachios. PALAK PANEER Garnished with raisins and cashews.
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