112): +31% General Damage, +25% BS, +1 Air Spell Levels • Azael’s First Twin Dagger (Lv. It also triggers Underhand's 'Clocking Off' push and triggers Distortion's bonus damage. INT - Max Res and max % HP to Armor, 3 - 5 Barrier, rest in HP. 7. It’s not quiet the old standard, but it’s air/fire. Dofus the Game . (Article may be incomplete) Eliatrope are a race of dragons with various magical powers and most of them appears as humans. 4 Enutrov, Earth , Water. Thankfully, there's now a functionality to redirect spell XP back to your XP pool. The range is fairly low, so be mindful of where you want to move before you cast it. On Tock - T.C. – Later on I’ll do a budget equipment guide. On Tock, you want to trigger your temporal freeze charges with Hand for 100% damage, triggering with Burn will result in only 75% (3AP), 50% (2AP), or 25% (1AP) of total possible damage. Foggernauts' Steam. 3 Ecaflip, Fire (without tarrots). In the beginning your goal should be reaching 10 AP pre-Devotion as soon as possible. On enemies, it pushes them away from the Xelor. Xelor | Wakfu Wiki | Fandom. Build Walkthrough Index Use Ctrl + F to skip to the section you want to view. Like Dragons Eliatropes are immortal and can live for millions of years but they can still be killed and only the original 6 Eliatropes can reincarnate after death. Etant un xelor feu lvl 60, ce build m'a énormément aidé, et je ne comprend donc pas trop la raison de sa disparition :/ Patchs 1.29 et 1.30. yoyo80t 460. Devotion sucks compared to what it was but its still additional AP gain for you and team. 90): +14% General Damage, +14% CHD, +2% CH • Kraken Breastplate (Lv. Xelor is a god of the World of Twelve, as well as the name given to his followers. If you’re completely new to Wakfu, be sure to check out the PVS Wakfu: Introductory Guide!. Your dial is your best friend. ... Xelor, straight up. Cardinal’s Rating: meh/★★★★★, Passive Name: Time Theft Cardinal’s Commentary: Extra chance to take and give AP. 100): +10% General Damage • Shadofang Ring (Lv. Rebounds up to once on Tock turns and only up to two cells away (line of sight required to bounce) however does not lose damage when bouncing. INFORMATION . 92): +17% General Damage, +2% CH, Alternative Necklaces [ALT7]: • Mekamulet (Lv. "ZenithWakfu" est un site non-officiel sans aucun lien avec Ankama. 26/02 - Loxellor l'Ebouillanteur Temporel (Xelor) 18 Par flaviuso - 1 Retour aux Builds Wakfu est un MMORPG édité par Ankama - Wakfu World est un site non-officiel sans aucun lien avec Ankama. Retour aux Builds Le Xélor débute toujours le combat par un Tour Tique. STR - Max ranged-damage and either single(preferred) or area-damage then rest of points in general damage. And... the shape of the aoe? Preparing your Bundle of Joy: Stating Guide [BOJ]. Limited to two casts per turn. I also forgot that the wakfu forums are about the only official game forums with useful info/people probably should of looked there instead, but hey it seems like I have all the info I'll need for awhile. – Your water spell levels should be 30 all the way across. Xelor (also known as Xelor's Sandglass) is a class. Xelor appear as mummy-like humanoids with robotic features. 09/01 - L'Horloger Insidieux (Xelor) 25 Par Gearone - 6. This build does not focus on water skills except for Temporal Control to faster build up Temporal Crystallization. Click Here for Spell Information Xelor Class Set is the Timeless Set. 112): +16% General Damage, +3% CH • Lou Bricante’s Jacket (Lv. I’m sure most of you have seen it at some point. 125): +11% General Damage • Dragon Pig Beads (Lv. 100): +1 AP, 20% General Damage, +10% BS, +4% CH • Makabrards (Lv. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Temporal Dust Cost: 6 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: Exceptionally good farming tool. This way after you place your dial you can still double Hand or double Punishment. ... Their summon is piss though, At least, it is if you try to build your character around it from the start. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Desynchronization Cost: 1 WP Cardinal’s Commentary: At max there’s no negative repercussions other than the -3 AP debuff if you use it more than one turn in a row. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. It excels in two elements of damage by utilizing Hand for fire, Xelor’s Punishment for air and AoE, Temporal Burn for controlled AP usage, and finally Underhand for map control and single-target air DPT. I’m not sure how far this guide is going to get, since the Damocles nerf-sword is hanging over our heads (or should I say skulls?) This level does not include spell level gear. 100): +15% General Damage, +17% CHD, 3% CH • Vampyro’s Headgear (Lv. I'm strongly considering dropping Dust for Sinistro. It still puts players in the In Recovery state. A lot of enemies will often only be weak to one sole element nowadays, and so it’s sometimes just better to pick and choose instead of blasting with multiple elements. Can cast it twice on the first turn even after casting dial (without using Devotion). We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. It marked Year 0, but life had already begun on the planet prior to its creation. 105): +2 Fire & +2 Air • White Crow Wings (Lv. – Your air spells should be around as follows: 50/50/125/50/125. Tri-element is now the only build worth talking about for Xelor. What goes well with that? Build Xélor Wakfu 2021. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Temporal Burn Cost: 1-3 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: Uses remaining AP. Read Madd's posts. but I guess I wanted to share anyway and hopefully the gameplay will stay similar enough for this to … Fantastic for burst damage when you know you want to deal a lot of damage the following turn. Think of Timekeeper as investing for future turns. Fire has received a nerf from its former glory but I can still get over 2k damage Aging+Hand combos on Tick. 100): +13% General Damage, +9% CHD, +1% CH, +1 All Spell Levels • Vampyro’s Cape (Lv. 112): +10% General Damage, +1 Mechanics • Warmabones Belt (Lv. As far as I can tell, Time Control, Sandglass, and Hand are all critical to the Xelor skillset and you cannot go without them. 83): +18% General Damage, +24% CHD, +19% BS, +4% CH, Alternative Epaulettes [ALT3]: • Hushed Epaulettes (Lv. Xelor is all about water right now. Second highest DPT skill in the fire tree after Hand. Avoid it until you can respec your attributes and gear to revolve around the control stat and AP manipulation. Teleporter for Dummies: How to Play [HTP], Born from the Ashes: Cardinal’s Final Notes [CFN]. On allies, it pushes them towards the Xelor. 117): 16% General Damage, +2% CH • Kroraging Epaulettes (Lv. It’s a matter of playstyle really. 119): +20% Air Damage, +10% Fire Damage • Imperial Illuminator Boots (Lv. 100): +14% General Damage, +7% CHD, +2% CH, +1 RA • Janairo Helmet (Lv. 100): +1 AP, +16% General Damage, +10% CHD, +10% BS, +3% CH • Kroraging Cloak (Lv. 100): +1 AP, +10% General Damage, +4% CH, Alternative Off-Hands [ALT10]: • Hagen Daggerz (Lv. Until one day, the god Xelor took up his Hammhour which shone with the light of timeless infinity. Extra damage every turn as long as you hit in multiple elements, up to +100%. Wakfu Sram Water/Air (Corsair) PvP-PvE Build Guide by AranfalcI?m not sure how far this guide is going to get, ... Wakfu Xelor Hoodlum Drops Effects Guide. 105): +2% CH, +1 RA • Imperial Magus Amulet (Lv. Masqueraider Mystique. 100): +12% General Damage, +6% CHD, +1% CH, +1 All Spell Levels • Minatsu Epaulettes (Lv. Xelor's Sandglass. You can hypothetically equip that and go best-in-slot. 94): +10% General Damage, +1% CH • Hoodfella Ring (Lv. Xelor is an extremely fun and challenging class! This spell does not require line of sight and has decent range. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. That is the most important thing to recognize. Any general damage item will work for equipment slots. February 2, 2020 0. – 1 AP (Level 31) – 1 MP (Level 51) – 1 Range (Level 67) – 76 Intelligence & 75 Agility (Level 125). Huppermage's Rune. Also works well to get away from enemies if you’re stabilized and cannot use Tempus Fugit. I currently have a Power/Dodge Fish mount, so the Limbo Wand and most regular boots will get me to 6 MP. Applies the Distortion poison state which causes damage to the target at the beginning of the Xelor’s next turn. Notable sources of spell levels (relative to this build): • White Crow Set Bonus (Lv. Currently I run Hand, Burn, Dust, Time Control, Sandglass, Clock, Underhand, Aging, Tempus Fugit. Don’t get me wrong, for the amount of AP you invest into casting Aging, you get a huge amount of damage out of it. Therefore, Xelors enjoy playing with time... either to slow down their enemies or to teleport themselves wherever they want. Fairly strong DPT skill as well. Eliotrope's Portal. 81): +12% General Damage, +16% CHD, +13% BS, +2% CH, Alternative Capes [ALT4]: • Dragon Pig’s Kimono (Lv. 105): +1 General • Herr Peece’s Gloves (Lv. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The effect occurs at the beginning of the Xelor’s next turn. 90): +1 General • Xelor Emblem (Lv. Utility movement skill. 5 Rogues, Fire or air (they will probably have changed alot). Limited to two casts per turn. Les Builds du Xélor. Wakfu Enutrof Basic Guide by Aellia. Rules of conduct security Tournaments Gift Codes . But... BEWARE OF SPOILERS !!! 100): +22% General Damage, +15% CHD • Azael’s Second Twin Dagger (Lv. I want to be a PvP based Xelor, who can use all of his elements equally. Cardinal’s Rating: pointless/★★★★★, Passive Name: Master of Time Cardinal’s Commentary: Extra initiative never hurts for PvP. 100): +1 General • Crakmitaine Ring (Lv. Less health and slightly less damage (and one less spell level) but gain critical hits and a range. 2 Saddida water Summon support (heals),earth. 95): +13% General Damage, +8% CHD, +2% CH, Alternative Belts [ALT5]: • Turq Tutu (Lv. However seeing as it’ll cost 4 MP each turn to make use of to its max potential, this spell almost forces you to run 5 MP to at least move once before buffing everyone’s AP. He was tasked with keeping them safe but selfishly decided to use them as bargaining chips to "encourage" the Sadida into an alliance by offering a uniting of their kingdoms by marrying their princ… WAKFU BUILD XELOR HYDRUILLE !! You have options, and there are a lot of things that you can do on your turn in almost any scenario. The XP investment to get them to this point is very low. Xelor names - Wakfu/Dofus . Take Dial, Timekeeper, Desynchronization for active skills for sure. 4 Xelor, Both Air and fire (get billi set). Contains spoilers for the Wakfu Cartoon. Meaning one water spell, one air spell, and one fire spell can yield you 45 stacks of Temporal Crystallization. Shopping. There’s only enough spell XP to efficiently invest in two per branch when hybridizing, and so I decided to take Underhand over Aging. This name generator will give you 10 random names fit for Xelors of the Wakfu and Dofus universe. That is the most important thing to recognize. 120): +24% Fire Damage, +12% Air Damage, +2% CH • Whispering Clogs (Lv. For example, you can substitute Mecha-Helmet with Kraken Helmet. In the beginning there were no clocks, no watches, no cuckoos... not so much as a wooden stick stuck in the mud to tell the time with a simple shadow. It’s what gives us high mobility, and easy Xelor’s Punishment targeting. The infamous air/fire Xelor hybrid. Cardinal’s Rating: awesome/★★★★★, Passive Name: Rollback Cardinal’s Commentary: Each AP you spend now has a chance to return to you on the following turn, for a max of 3 AP return every turn after the first. It works hand-in-hand with Temporal Distortion to move around enemies and allies for some key map manipulation game play at the cost of 1 WP. If you love the MMO, the gorgeous French-language anime, or the Xbox Arcade game, then you've come to the right place! You won’t always find yourself with spare AP. Every turn, they’ll lose 33% of their HP and after the third, they will no longer lose HP. WAKFU BUILD XELOR HYDRUILLE !! Avoid it until you can respec your attributes and gear to revolve around the control stat and AP manipulation. You can bring an ally back from being knocked down with a percentage of your personal HP. 93): +13% General Damage, +2% CH • Hurdy Girdle (Lv. 91): +12% General Damage, +2% CH • Kraken Belt (Lv. – Mecha-Cloak gives the AP that a set bonus should have. I know that things are likely not settled down (bugs; takes time to figure out the meta builds), but if anyone knows of an updated pve build, or someone who has an old one and is in the process of updating it, could I get a link? Cardinal’s Rating: ★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Xelor’s Punishment Cost: 5 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: Your air element butter. This effect will go away if you can’t cast something on your turn. For me, though, someone who likes to PvM more than PvP, there are greener pastures out there. It excels in two elements of damage by utilizing Hand for fire, Xelor’s Punishment for air and AoE, Temporal Burn for controlled AP usage, and finally Underhand for map control and single-target air DPT. On Tick turns you can play the AP granting game w/ T.C./Sandglass explained above or the ol' Aging+Hand/Dust/Burn combo on enemies. An updated Water Guide can be found at PVS Wakfu: Water Xelor Guide for 1.5. ... Les Xélors n'ont jamais été une classe principal dans Wakfu, mais je t'assure qu'il en existe quand même :) The Rogue Ruse. (Repeat w/ other ally if desired.) AoE switches between a circle and a plus on Tock and Tick respectively. They also command obedience from all related mechanisms like chimes, clocks and pendulums. XD. Does very high damage in an area-of-effect. Please Note: This guide is not updated for patch 1.5. Tactically moving allies and enemies is now vital to your game play. If you’re completely new to Wakfu, be sure to check out the PVS Wakfu: Introductory Guide!. CHANCE - Max Critical Hits and Critical Damage. When I stopped playing it was right before eliotrope was released. Obviously, more intelligence is key, but I'd like some more range as well, both as variety from my previous strength and chance builds, and to make me miss Teleport less while I try out Spontaneous Return. ;P). What I notice also is that a lot of builds are aimed at 150 to 200. Just like yours above, you calculate that the player already has 14 AP and stuff, while I only have 7. More bang for your buck. 90): +16% General Damage, +10% CHD, +1% CH • Kraken Epaulettes (Lv. Share. Do you guys have any idea? The purpose of wearing a full Meka or full White Crow set lies in the spell levels however. It uses Desynchronization to control when you can use AoE fire skills and uses air skills to bypass certain effects or set yourself up for powerful AoE damage. 122): +17% General Damage, +9% CHD, +1% CH • Imperial Merchant Ring (Lv. To boot, using it on your dial has a 50% chance to add another charge to your dial. I have a level 60 Xelor with 150 unspend specialty points and I don't really know what to level. High damage single-target attack. While I am sure there might be some very effective hybrid specs. – Your fire spells should be around as follows: 125/50/125/50/50. On Tock turns, build Temporal Freeze charges w/ Sandglass/Clock, trigger them w/ Hand for 100% damage or Burn for less (75%?). Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Aging Cost: 2 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: Consumes the Aiming and Distortion states upon use. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Mummification is a great skill but I've personally only had to use it 2 times in 143 levels. You gain 15 stacks of this for each element you hit in a turn. 100): +18% General Damage, +3% CH • Minatsu Boots (Lv. About as useful as useful as a mountain of dung to someone who doesn’t own a Moofly. 26/02 - Loxellor l'Ebouillanteur Temporel (Xelor) 18 Par flaviuso - 1. By the way, I already have Xelor's Dial on level 9 … However it’s what gives us extra damage. Wakfu Xelor Hoodlum Drops Effects Guide by PhasingHi I wanted to know what spells each Xelor-specific Hoodlum drop increases and by how much. Copy link. 110): +22% General Damage • Kroraging Torso (Lv. Currently, you REALLY need it, in conjunction w/ Sandglass, to give allies AP on Tick and to redirect AP loss on enemies on Tock turns. Wakfu Sram Water/Air (Corsair) PvP-PvE Build Guide by Aranfalc. 110): +1 Fire & +1 Air • Meka Set Bonus (Lv. 70): +11% General Damage, +3% CH, +1 All Passives, Alternative Breastplates [ALT2]: • Whispery Pristplate (Lv. He and his disciples serve Black Magic and he was among the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten. These are the bare minimum requirements at endgame to be a fairly decent damage Xelor: – 500% or more Air/Fire Damage Mastery post-Temporal Crystallization – 10 AP & 6 MP, This build will work primarily in PvM. Tap to unmute. or at least a pretty good guess at what the types would be tri-fire/air-fire/water etc. If you want to play a Xelor who can tear enemies apart, ... At least, it is if you try to build your character around it from the start. The raised player will not die from this and be left with at least 1 HP. Spell Name: Hand Cost: 5 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: Your fire element bread. Decent overall. I remember xelor's from my old guild (rip old guild), talking about the time control spell (I think it was some water spell at least) and how you should only level it to get something proccing near 100% (something something ap), but looking at the skill now there appears there is nothing %chance related now and if its now a good idea to max it? In this guide, we’re going to focus on a build based around Air spells, and doing as much damage as possible. If you are an Intelligence build and place all points into Wisdom, you will have mediocre damage and nice AP removal. Against the Clock is another cool skill that you probably wont have room in your deck for. (Maybe not as much as they did pre-revamp. In my experience, Time Control has pretty much always been an essential part of the Xelor skill set. Titles: The Time Lord; The Guardian of the Divine Clock; The Lord of the Hours; The Great Timekeeper. Learn to love thy dial. Preparing your Bundle of Joy: Stating Guide, Cardinal on “Selecting skills…”: Specialty Leveling Guide, Cardinal on “Hey this spell sucks!”: Elemental Spell Guide, Playing Barbie with my Xelor (Equipment Index), Born from the Ashes: Cardinal’s Final Notes, Runes of Magic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 81): +16% General Damage, +16% CHD, +14% BS, +2% CH, -8% General Resist, Alternative Boots [ALT6]: • Hushed Boots (Lv. WAKFU est un MMORPG édité par Ankama. On Tick turns you can play the AP granting game w/ T.C./Sandglass explained above or the ol' Aging+Hand/Dust/Burn combo on enemies. If you place all points into Intelligence, you will have average damage and average AP removal. I’m going to keep this basic and only focus on elemental specific builds. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Line of Fire Cost: 4 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: Good secondary fire spell to have if you’re running an average 10 AP set-up. Go Water+Fire if not Water+Fire+Air on gear. Wakfu Air/Fire Xelor PvM Build Guide by Brokonaut. Most info on Fire Xelors remains the same, but a revision is not scheduled at this time. http://forum.wakfu.com/en/50-xelor/193522-xelor-solo-dungeon-build. For 200 years since that fateful day, Nox ravaged the land, absorbing Wakfu from all living things he can find. 100): +22% General Damage, +15% CHD • Djaul Dagger (Lv. 09/12 - L'Apucunct'Heure Aérien (Xelor) 63 Par doflix - 12. You can use Aging to trigger the effects of the push immediately instead of waiting for your next turn. In this guide, we’re going to focus on a build based around Air spells, and doing as much damage as possible. “What can I expect?”: Build Purpose [WCE], “In combat stats with Temporal Prism stand-alone (Rollback gave me 2 AP).”. 121): +25% General Damage • The Big Conveyer Belt (Lv. Info. With this spell, the average turn cycles should become Tick, Tock, Tock. Theres some talk of a Dust/Hydrand AOE build as well but I dunno anything about it really. The build that blasts enemies for a cacophony of damage like no other, drawing enough damage to make a young child cry. http://forum.wakfu.com/en/50-xelor/192705-mah-mid-level-xelor-build-edit-2. Watch later. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Tempus Fugit Cost: 3 AP 1 MP Cardinal’s Commentary: Always damages before the teleport. Xelor is all about water right now. They conspired to steal the Six Eliatrope Dofus, with Count Harebourg taking two of them to his kingdom of Frigost. Any Wakfu Vets know the best solo class? Add other skills to your taste, though Underhand or Fugit probably needs to be added as well for additional mobility/placement. Xelors are magi who can influence time. During this time, Nox builds an army of mechanical machines to drain Wakfu and do his bidding and becomes a Xelor, a time wizard, learning their magic so that he can try and reverse time with the power … Hydrand aoe, how does this work? Wakfu Efrim - Tutorial Xelor. Mostly useless, since you need to invest points in more important places. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Underhand Cost: 4 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: This spell pushes the amount of times you use it on a target. Pandawa's Pint. The reduced WP cost was appreciated too. The new utilities and effects of air and fire spells essentially make it so you’re now playing with twice as many spells as you were before. – Meka set and White Crow set are equals in two difference senses. Cardinal’s Rating: ★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Temporal Distortion Cost: 2 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: Does not harm allies, which is great to use in conjunction with Underhand to transport enemies or allies long distances for 6 AP and 1 WP. I have to say, I am extremely happy that you replied tough, finally something up to date about the Xelor, that isnt in French. 4 Pandawa, Earth for damage or Water full support tank. Any Wakfu Vets know the best solo class? 85): +15% General Damage, +6% CHD, +3 CH, +1 RA • Hoodfella Hood (Lv. 100): +1 AP, +65% General Damage, +15% BS, +5% CH, -25% General Resist • Zeorus Blade (Lv. This build will work primarily in PvM. If you like, you can also go here and pay your respects to Madd if you have additional questions. For those that want to do damage, we’ve also made PVS Wakfu: Air Xelor Guide for 1.5. 72): +10% General Damage, Alternative Weapons [ALT9]: • Grou’s Axe (Lv. 118): +1 Fire & +1 Air • Klime’s Boots (Lv. Your email address will not be published. 123): +25% General Damage, +10% CHD, +4% CH • Imperial Assassin Cape (Lv. 110): +1 General • Desdemona Ring (Lv. Welcome to our Air Xelor Guide, updated for Patch 1.5. This guide will be covering the basics that I have learned from the Enutrof in 0.303. 100): +14% General Damage, +8% CHD, +2% CH, +1 All Spell Levels • Vampiric Breastplate (Lv. Download the Game Encyclopedia Tutorials Store DOFUS Forum Buy Kamas . It's no surprise Xelor is Rolex backward as Xelors are masters of time who won't waste a second to destroy their enemies or aid their allies. Cardinal on “Selecting skills…”: Specialty Leveling Guide [SLG], – Level 9 Xelor’s Dial (90 Points) – Level 9 Timekeeper (180 Points) – Level 9 Devotion (270 Points) – Level 20 Rollback (370 Points) – Level 20 Temporal Crystallization (470 Points) – Level 9 Desynchronization (550 Points) – Level 6 Mummification (595 Points) Cardinal on “Hey this spell sucks!”: Elemental Spell Guide [ESG]. On Tock turns, build Temporal Freeze charges w/ Sandglass/Clock, trigger them w/ Hand for 100% damage or Burn for less (75%?). It’s a fairly common build, however this is my personal iteration of the build. 100): +15% General Damage, +16% CHD, +3% CH • Vampyro’s Boots (Lv. You can now target outside of the dial with the spell, however doing so destroys the hour cell you are currently standing on (nullifying the extra damage bonus from the dial). You have a support role, but you can also deal epic damage if need be. You're signed out. Notice: I’m only dissecting the fire and air spells of the elemental branches. This robotic teleporter can be specced to unleash devastating area attacks or inflict debilitating AP/MP loss debuffs. Xelor's Clock was created several millenia after the original ten gods discovered the World of Ten, as a means to keep track of the time that passes, as well as seasons. Anyone got any suggestions for things like, what skills specifically to focus on, or what armour to attain? Xelor “I want to play a Time Mage!” If you can live without a pointy hat or even a full human face, then the Xelor class will fulfill your deepest spell-slinging fantasies. Also does not need line of sight, which is extremely useful in team play. Yo ! 100): +12% General Damage, +20% AP Removal Chance • Lady Glamulette (Lv. Also grants bonus mechanics at intervals of 10. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★/★★★★★, Specialty Name: Devotion Cost: 1 MP Cardinal’s Commentary: The lost of the WP cost means you can more consistently give your allies AP throughout the battle. Several thousand players worldwide. All @ my character level except Clock which is ~15 levels behind. 96): +15% General Damage, +4% CH • Minatsu Tunic (Lv. Your teammates will love you! The new utility allows you to create a portal where you cast the spell and where you land, and if any ally steps on one of these cells they’ll be teleported to the other. Meka set will provide you with more damage and high resists, however White Crow will offer you backstab damage and more health. 100): 10% General Damage, +1 Mechanics • Vampyro’s Belt (Lv. Introduction to Destruction: Preface [ITD] “Greetings.”. Please disregard. More charges, more ass kicking per WP. enemy 1, Sandglass to enemy 2, AP loss occur to enemy 1(3X). Xelor’s Punishment will always be a near-and-dear spell to me, and Underhand is one of my new favorite skills. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★, Specialty Name: Mummification Cost: 2 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: This spell now acts like Eniraser. You can also get a couple of extra free stat points from the Vampyro Dungeon achievement (killing him first and killing him last) and completing the Five Finger Diss Count quest by facing off against Count Harebourg. Thanks for the info, seems a lot has cha wait SINISTRO? Limited to one cast per turn. But not right now. Learn how to place it to not lose hours. Wakfu Cra Types and Builds Guide by unskillfulone First,Cra's biggest weakness is that they are range class, so when a cra was standing beside a Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★, Specialty Name: Xelor’s Dial Cost: 2 AP 1 WP Cardinal’s Commentary: It was nerfed a bit by forcing us to cast it at a range (no more free teleport to escape the lock zone). 100): +17% General Damage, +2 Fire Spell Levels, +2 Water Spell Levels, +2 Earth Spell Levels, +2 Air Spell Levels, Things to note: – This is just a guideline. 2 Cra, Fire or Earth. Press J to jump to the feed. Cardinal’s Rating: lame/★★★★★, Passive Name: Temporal Armor Cardinal’s Commentary: This is beautiful. MAJOR - AP, Range + Damage, Final Damage, Reduction. Great tool for blocking pathing and doesn’t break off the dial. The one minimum range is very handy to hit targets next to you. Always good to have a low AP cost attack handy to finish off enemies. 124): +17% General Damage, +2% CH, +9% CHD • White Crow Amulet (Lv. Can only consume 3 AP at max, but has no cast limit. If you die though, all mummified allies also die. – Spell levels is extremely important with this build, since you’re trying to squeeze out as much elemental damage and base damage with spell from two branches. 1 Iops, Fire or Earth. Ouginak's Rage. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★/★★★★★, Spell Name: Hydrand Cost: 4 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: Weak spell that pays off only if the enemy stays in its AoE. 105): +1 Fire & +1 Air • Mekanno (Lv. 112): +10% General Damage • Imperial Pyrotechnic Belt (Lv. It’s worth it for the resistance to water. 100): +14% General Damage, +10% CHD, +1% CH, +1 RA • Gladiatrool Wig (Lv. 96): +12% Air Damage, +6% Fire Damage, +1 Air Spell Levels, Alternative Rings [ALT8]: • Dragon Pig Bandage (Lv. Cardinal’s Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★, Specialty Name: Timekeeper Cost: 1 AP Cardinal’s Commentary: This is the build-up skill that allows you to do your more complex and heavy-hitting combos. His name backwards spells "Rolex," an expensive brand of watches. This spell is range modifiable. I used to play an eni but I want a new experience, so xelor is something I've always wanted to try. Cardinal’s Rating: cool/★★★★★. You can substitute items here and there. My my things have changed, I remember xelor guildies recommending the noobs to stay away mostly from water and especially sinistro. Aging + Hand/Burn on Tick and Sandglass/Clock+Hand/Burn on Tock. In group PvP or PvM you’ll be running 6 MP.
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