Mark Elliot

On-Camera Meteorologist

  • Elliot

Mark Elliot was born in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. For as long as he can remember, he has known that he wanted to be a Meteorologist. He was told that while growing up, he used to give his friends weather forecasts in the sandbox. 

He credits a few big storms that knocked down trees outside his house when he was very young as sparking his interest in weather. This interest grew as he watched his dad fly into different locations across the country experiencing destructive weather as his job involved emergency preparedness for hospital systems. Mark wanted to know what he was getting himself into. 

Being a self proclaimed weather geek, Mark got outside to enjoy the weather whenever possible. He's constantly staring up at the clouds and loves to take photos, weather themed or otherwise. He can talk beer for hours, and can even show you how to derive the thermodynamic properties of the bubbles as they rise in the glass... see, weather geek. 

You can always find him watching Rutgers Football games, and cheering on the Scarlet Knights whenever possible... Hoo-Rah Hoo-Rah, Rutgers Rah! Besides, you have to love the attitude that comes with being one of the few schools in history to TURN DOWN talks regarding an invitation to the Ivy League in order to keep the Land Grant/State University status.