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Primetime Shows

Secrets of the Earth Logo

Secrets of the Earth

SECRETS OF THE EARTH is a broad-based new science series that explores our own planet with the same sense of awe and wonder normally reserved for alien worlds.  Just as...

So You Think You'd Survive

So You Think You'd Survive?...

When Mother Nature wreaks havoc on us, the first thing we ask ourselves is: So You Think You'd Survive? 
A tree falls through your roof and you’re pinned under a...

Strangest Weather Logo

Strangest Weather on Earth

We've all seen what we think is weird weather.  Big hail, high winds, torrential rain that looks like someone opened all the faucets in the world simultaneously... But,...

Tornado Alley Logo

Tornado Alley

An 8-part anthology showcasing the deadliest, most mind-twisting, jaw-dropping display Mother Nature has to offer. Each year, more than 2,000 tornadoes occur worldwide,...

Tornado Road

Tornado Road

Storm chasers race one another and Mother Nature to capture the most severe weather footage.

Weather Gone Viral

Weather Gone Viral

With billions of smart phones populating the planet, it's now more likely than ever that a camera is rolling when an extreme weather event happens. People are sharing...

Why Planes Crash Logo

Why Planes Crash

Witness emergency water landings, smoke, fire and explosions on board, hijackings, engine failure, fuel leaks, mid-air collisions and human error --- In this series, life...