November 14, 2012

“Deadliest Space Weather” Strikes The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel announced today that it has greenlit “Deadliest Space Weather,” (working title) a new series that reveals extreme weather conditions that occur throughout our solar system, and explores the premise “What would happen if these harsh conditions could ever prevail on Earth?” Produced by Flight 33 (“Life After People”), “Deadliest Space Weather” features 6x 30-minute episodes and will premiere in January 2013. 

Rainstorms that can eat through solid steel, hurricane winds that blow at 1,600 miles per hour, and lightning bolts 10,000 times more powerful than anything on Earth exist elsewhere in our solar system. “Deadliest Space Weather” – through the use of cutting-edge graphics and vivid explanations from scientists – illustrates not only what these storms are like on other planets, but speculates what these extreme weather conditions would be like if they ever occurred on Earth, with examples such as Venus’s deadly acid rain, Saturn’s violent winds, and Mars’ massive dust storms.

“Exploring these unique weather phenomena in our solar system is a fascinating journey, but one understands the true magnitude of these galactic storms so much more when they are theoretically placed into the familiar context of life on Earth,” said Michael Dingley, senior vice president, content and development, The Weather Channel. “The ‘What if?’ factor really illustrates the sheer force and awe of these weather events so clearly, and makes them all the more relatable and impactful.” 

“Deadliest Space Weather” joins an ever-growing slate of original series for The Weather Channel, including recently announced “Mountaintop Prospectors” (working title, 2013), “Coast Guard Alaska,” “Iron Men,” “Lifeguard!,” “Ice Pilots,” “Hurricane Hunters,” “Hawaii Air Rescue,” “Coast Guard Florida” and “Plane Xtreme,” as well as the “Braving the Elements” docu-series anthology, which includes “Turbine Cowboys,” “Pyros,” and “Iceberg Hunters” and Reef Wranglers (2013).

The network also recently announced another environmental and science-focused series, “Tipping Points,” which premieres Oct. 2013 and will explore the Earth’s changing climate system.

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