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Press Release

August 20, 2012

Media Alert: The Weather Channel's "Iron Men" Premieres Aug. 30 in Honor of Labor Day, Celebrating Some of the Most Respected Ironworking Unions in the U.S.

WHAT: “Iron Men” premieres as a full 9-episode series. This docu-series profiles the ironworkers who spend their days battling weather conditions hundreds of feet above New York City to build skyscrapers, bridges, arenas and other major structures. New episodes will take place at the 4 World Trade Center site in addition to the Barclays Center, the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, and the Alexander Hamilton Bridge. Beyond fighting the wind, snow, and rain, an ironworker in New York has to battle the East Coast’s bone-chilling cold as they walk steel beams hundreds of feet off the ground. Every day, each member puts his or her life in the hands of co-workers, which creates an unbreakable bond but also high stakes and natural tension. “Iron Men” is produced by Pipeline39 (formerly known as KPI), the producers of “The Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero,” “MonsterQuest” and “MegaStructures.”

WHY: The new episodes premieres fittingly just before Labor Day, as “Iron Men” follows the men and women of Local 361 and Local 40, two of the world’s most respected ironworking unions. The series reveals their challenges and successes as they race to stay on schedule against weather hurdles on a multitude of projects, from the first footing to the final bolt – on a skyscraper, a bridge, or stadium. The series is also timely as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches. The men and women featured at 4 WTC are proud to be part of this rebuilding – many volunteered in the recovery efforts at Ground Zero, and for some it was that experience that was their calling to become iron workers and help rebuild these symbols of hope and prosperity.

WHEN: Thursday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. ET.                  

MORE: Visit www.weather.com/press for more information and images.