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Press Release

May 25, 2011

New Series Twist of Fate to Debut on The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel® (TWC) presents its new series, Twist of Fate, premiering WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, at 9 p.m. ET.  This action-packed series chronicles what happens when life takes an unexpected turn, split decisions can mean the difference between life and death, and surviving nature's wrath can sometimes be a simple twist of fate. 

Each half-hour episode explores seven severe weather conditions and the stories of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances - all with their fate in the hands of complete strangers.  Episode descriptions and dates are below. 

"November Oregon Flood" premieres June 1 - Two families in one town are driving home on the same road on a dark, rainy night.  It's flood season once again, and the third night of relentless rain. Neither realizes that this storm is different than the many others. And both become connected forever by a brave 11-year-old girl whose last-minute 911 call saves their lives.

"Chicago Blizzard" premieres June 1 - On February 1, 2011, a blizzard of epic proportions is bearing down on Chicago and two unlucky commuters are trying to brace the storm to get home from work when they make a decision that will leave them trapped on the road for more than 18 hours on the brink of hypothermia.

"Vancouver Snow Storm" premieres June 8 - A couple unknowingly tempts fate by going the scenic route towards Mount St. Helens, when their car hits a rut and falls backwards into a ditch. They are left stuck in the cold, unforgiving wilderness for five days, living off jelly beans and water from the melting snow. With the vehicle running out of gas, their only hope lies in the hands of someone who happens to be passing by.

"Picher Tornado" premieres June 15 - A man's van has been struck by a violent EF4 tornado. He has a broken arm and a two-inch gash on the back of his head. If he doesn't get medical attention, he could bleed to death. Little does he know, his fate is in the hands of a complete stranger.

"Nashville Floods" premieres June 22 - One woman's house has become an island after three days of torrential rain. She, her friend and her two dogs are trapped inside when her garage catches fire. With only a few minutes before the entire house will explode, their fate is in the hands of someone they do not know.

"Mount Whitney Hikers" premieres June 29 - Three friends, and fellow hikers, set off on a biking and hiking weekend. Their journey will take them from the nation's lowest elevation, Death Valley, to the highest summit in the lower states, Mount Whitney in California. They have no idea they are about to be faced with making life or death decisions at 14,000 feet.


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