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October 19, 2009

The Weather Channel Premieres High Seas Rescue

New Three-part Series Reveals Gripping Stories of Heroic Water Rescues

The Weather Channel® (TWC) premieres High Seas Rescue Oct. 25 beginning at 8 p.m. ET. This adrenaline-packed, three-part series follows the men and women who risk their lives on dangerous missions in order to save others at sea. From GRB Entertainment and the producers of Full Force Nature and Storm Warning, this series tells daring, real-life accounts of those who encounter nature's brutal strength and the wrath of the open waters.

High Seas Rescue Episode Synopses: Episode 101: Rescuers in Peril - Premieres Oct. 25, 8 p.m. ET

  • A commercial fishing vessel in distress brings trouble to its crew and Coast Guard rescuers who get trapped on the sinking vessel.
  • When a fishing boat catches fire, a Canadian Forces Search and Rescue team tries to save the men on board by lowering a rescue swimmer through toxic, blinding smoke.
  • One U.S. Coast Guard swimmer responds to a mayday call that becomes a high seas mission when a family must abandon their sailboat in threatening waters during Hurricane Gordon.

Episode 102: When Pleasure Turns to Peril - Premieres Oct. 25, 9 p.m. ET

  • A small yacht on course to Australia is disabled at sea with a dead engine, broken main mast and a hole on deck. Help comes from a passing container ship in a risky rescue.
  • A cruise ship catches fire and more than 1,000 people wait in ragged lifeboats in open waters uncertain when-or if-help will arrive.
  • Sailing for Bermuda, turbulent waves force three friends to abandon their sailboat and wait in the windswept ocean.
  • The frigid Alaskan waters wreak havoc on a small fishing boat as the fishing party piles on a small life raft, and one vacationer begins to experience signs of hypothermia.

Episode 103: Risky Business - Premieres Oct. 25, 10 p.m. ET

  • After a fire threatens to sink a fishing boat near Scotland, the captain's best friend - along with help from Scotland's Royal Coast Guard - comes to the aid of the distraught vessel.
  • A Greek bulk carrier sustains damage due to high winds on a trans-Atlantic trip. The crew must jump ship as a Canadian Search and Rescue deploys for this crucial rescue mission.
  • When an iceberg ruptures the hull of the Finn Polaris, the crew must abandon ship and wait in the freezing Arctic waters for help from a Canadian rescue team.

To learn more about the series and other TWC programming, visit www.weather.com/tv.


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