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Press Release

April 13, 2015

“3 Scientists Walk Into A Bar” Taps in to Weather Phenomena and Serves Up Captivating Experiments on The Weather Channel

Original Series Sneak Peek Premieres Sunday, May 31, with Cross-Platform Extensions on Digital & Social and Partnership with Minute Earth

Have you ever wondered why leaves turn upward before a storm? If sound can actually cause an avalanche? Or, if it’s true that counting the seconds between lightning and thunder will tell you how far you are from a storm?

“3 Scientists Walk Into A Bar,” a new original series on The Weather Channel, will answer all of those questions and more through a series of interactive games and exciting experiments. Tackling the spectacle of the world around us, the show deconstructs myths and uncovers the science behind natural phenomena and weather patterns. The series premieres as a sneak peek on Sunday, May 31 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. ET with three back-to-back episodes. The show returns on Sunday, October 4, with five additional episodes.

In each episode, the show’s three hosts – Travis Taylor, astrophysicist / aerospace engineer (“Rocket City Rednecks”); Tara Long, statistician (“Hard Science”); and Anthony Carboni, science fanatic (“Hard Science”, “We Have Concerns” podcast) – will put viewers’ intelligence to the test, answering questions about everyday occurrences with educational, and sometimes explosive, demonstrations and experiments. Experiments will include a cloud-simulating balloon chair, a man-made indoor tornado, and a lightning-proof suit demo.

“Imagine a night out on the town with the most interesting people you know - the ones with the amazing, mind-bending party tricks - and that’s ‘3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar.’” said David Clark, president of The Weather Channel network. “We think anyone that is fascinated by the mysteries of the natural world is going to love this show.”

In addition, Weather will partner with popular YouTube channel, Minute Earth, which has over 1 million subscribers, to incorporate their science explanation videos throughout the series. These videos can also be accessed from weather.com, and Weather’s mobile apps, as well as Minute Earth’s YouTube page. For the fans who can’t wait, the “3 Scientists Walk Into A Bar” Facebook page is live now, and features daily curated science content from Travis, Tara and Anthony. The page will serve as a community for science lovers and will tap into fans’ innate sense of curiosity and insatiable thirst for learning more about why the universe behaves the way that it does. Fans can also join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #3Scientists.

Produced by Lucky 8, an unscripted television production company committed to creating highly entertaining content that’s as smart as it is surprising, “3 Scientists Walk Into A Bar” features 8x one-hour episodes.


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