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Press Release

August 9, 2016

The Weather Channel Television Network Leads the Industry in Incorporating Brands into Augmented Reality

Debuts with longstanding partner State FarmⓇ

ATLANTA (August 9, 2016) -- The Weather Channel raises strategic partnerships to the next level by offering organic content integrations to our advertisers, through augmented reality (AR).
In 2015, the network launched AR with 3D animated, real life weather scenarios live in the middle of the studio, like another character, to take storytelling to a new level. The innovative design team behind the AR products recently won the Promax Gold award in Art Direction and Design for Program Information Graphics.
The Weather Channel is at the forefront of using this technology editorially - and, leading the industry by making this tool available for brands.
“Our groundbreaking augmented reality solutions allow advertisers the opportunity to seamlessly weave their brand into an experience - raising the bar on brand integration to a new dimension,” said Barbara Bekkedahl, senior vice president of ad sales for The Weather Channel television network. “State Farm has been a valued partner for several years, and we are thrilled to launch this solution with such an innovative marketer.”
State Farm partners with The Weather Channel to provide viewers valuable safety and preparedness information during and after a severe weather event.   
“This integration opportunity with The Weather Channel’s new 3D augmented reality technology truly enabled us to bring our brand promise to life,” said Patty Morris, Brand Content Director for State Farm. “Not only was our technology research director able to convey her message of safety and preparedness to help life go right, but she was able to physically show the audience what to do if they are affected by a severe weather situation. This solution brings effective communication and brand integration to the next level.”
Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality is an accessible way for viewers to get an immersive experience without the need for extra equipment. The network will continue to unveil AR implementation with other key accounts throughout the year and beyond.
The Weather Channel television network: It’s Amazing Out There
For more than 34 years, The Weather Channel television network has been the leader in severe weather coverage, providing the most comprehensive coverage of any media outlet. For six years in a row, Harris Poll has ranked The Weather Channel as the “TV News Brand of the Year.” With trusted meteorologists who analyze, forecast and report the weather - its expertise is unrivaled. For more information visit weathergroup.com.