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Press Release

November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Takeover: Top Ten Marathon

After you overindulge on Turkey, binge on our Top Ten countdown shows

ATLANTA (Nov. 21, 2016) -- You better save some room cause The Weather Channel is Thanks-giving you an all-day binge buffet of the most delicious weather you will ever feast your eyes on. The Thanksgiving Takeover: Top Ten Marathon starts on Thanksgiving day at noon ET.  
Top Ten is a countdown program exploring everything from weather phobias to the ultimate examples of Mother Nature’s fury. And if that isn’t enough of a treat to get your appetite going, Weather Underground’s Mike Bettes and Alex Wilson have decided to hang out to host the all-day marathon.
Need reasons to watch?
10. Everyone around you is in a turkey induced coma
9. You’ve heard that legendary family story a zillion times too many
8. If you are forced to play another game of Parcheesi you will lose your mind
7. You’re the only democrat in a house of republicans (or vice versa)
6. Your creepy uncle just showed up and you really need a good excuse to avoid him
5. It gives you a legit reason not to help with the dreaded Thanksgiving day dishes
4. You're a vegan so this whole "Turkey Day" celebration isn't really for you
3. You barely know what a football is and don't want to throw one or be forced to watch a game
2. It's noon and you've already run out of things to talk about
1. It's, like, really, really good
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