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Press Release

July 12, 2018

The Weather Channel Works with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Enhancing visibility of Scorching Car Scale index to prevent hot car deaths

The Weather Channel television network and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are working together to share information that can save lives and prevent child deaths in hot cars and trucks. In almost no time, the temperature inside a vehicle can get hot enough to kill or injure a child, even when it’s relatively cool out. The Weather Channel will help deliver this important safety message using the network’s Scorching Car Scale index.

Introduced in 2017, the Scorching Car Scale is a forecasting tool that illustrates how temperatures in the interior of a car can drastically increase on hot days after a 10-minute and 30-minute window of time. By putting these dangerously high temperatures on display, The Weather Channel is working to prevent deaths of children trapped in hot cars, and to raise awareness of just how hot vehicle interiors can get after only a few minutes.

The Weather Channel will further enhance the visibility of the Scorching Car Scale through new on-air segments about the dangers of hot cars, which will include a billboard and commercials. The Weather Channel will also air a 30-second NHTSA video to raise awareness and offer tips to parents and caregivers to help prevent these heartbreaking tragedies. Further efforts to get the word out include a Facebook Live event hosted by one of The Weather Channel’s top meteorologists, demonstrating ways to get involved and take action if a child is alone in a hot car.

“As we approach the hottest months of the year, we are excited to work with NHTSA to remind viewers about the dangers that heatstroke can pose to children and pets left in cars,” said Dave Shull, CEO of The Weather Channel. “NHTSA is one of the most trusted organizations in vehicle safety and The Weather Channel is one of the most trusted organizations in meteorology. Both organizations urge everyone to stay safe and sound all summer long.”

“The dangers posed by allowing any child to be unattended in a vehicle cannot be overstated,” said Heidi King, NHTSA Deputy Administrator. “The Weather Channel and NHTSA are working together to remind every parent, caregiver and even bystanders to protect kids from needless heatstroke deaths.  It’s simple: Never leave your keys where your kids can get them, and look before you lock.”

The Scorching Car Scale will be on display on The Weather Channel every day, all summer, starting on AMHQ each morning.



For more than 35 years, The Weather Channel television network has been the leader in severe weather coverage, providing the most comprehensive analysis of any media outlet and serving as the nation’s only 24-hour source of national storm coverage. For eight years in a row, Harris Poll has ranked The Weather Channel as the “TV News Brand of the Year.” With trusted meteorologists who analyze, forecast and report the weather - its expertise is unrivaled. Engaging with fans and delivering content to feed their fascination with all things weather is paramount to the network’s mission. With its community platform, weloveweather.tv, the network created a 2-way dialogue with fans, establishing an ongoing relationship with those that have a passion for weather. In March 2018, The Weather Channel’s parent company, Weather Group, was purchased by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios (entertainmentstudios.com). This acquisition allows Entertainment Studios to expand into the increasingly important live and local news category, while providing opportunity for The Weather Channel to further expand its reach and influence in the media space. For more information visit weathergroup.com.


For more than four decades, the U.S. DOT’s NHTSA has served as the key federal agency charged with improving safety on our nation’s roadways. The agency’s mission is to save lives, prevent injuries and reduce economic costs due to road traffic crashes, through education, research, safety standards and enforcement activity.  NHTSA promotes seat belts and child safety seat use; helps states and local communities address the threat of drunk and drug-impaired drivers; regulates safety standards and investigates safety defects in motor vehicles; conducts research on driver behavior and traffic safety; and provides consumer information on issues ranging from vehicular heatstroke to checking vehicles for open recalls. For more information visit www.nhtsa.gov