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Press Release

December 19, 2019

The Weather Channel Announces New Q1 2020 Programming

Network to renew popular series in Q1 2020

The Weather Channel television network today announced returning original programming for the first quarter of 2020. Season 8 of “Highway Thru Hell,” premieres on January 5th, followed by season 4 of “Heavy Rescue: 401,” which premieres on February 9th. With these renewals, the network continues to deliver compelling, weather-related storytelling to keep viewers entertained and informed. 

“We’re excited to bring back these viewer favorite series as we head into 2020,” said Howard Sappington, Vice President of Original Programming at The Weather Channel. “While live programming is at the heart of what we do, original programs give our viewers dramatic and exciting views into the world of extreme weather.”

Returning Seasons

Highway Thru Hell - Season 8 premieres on Sunday, January 5th

Highway Thru Hell focuses on a team of heavy rescue operators who work for Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue. The Coquihalla and nearby highways through the British Columbia mountain passes have some of the most difficult – and fast changing – road conditions in North America. During winter storms, major truck wrecks close the highway, on average, every 12 hours. Police and highway crews depend on Jamie Davis to get the road open. Equipped with a world-class fleet of heavy rescue tow trucks and support vehicles, he and his crew must be ready to respond within minutes, at any hour, in any conditions.

Heavy Rescue: 401 - Season 4 premieres on Sunday, February 9th

From the producers of “Highway Thru Hell,” this series focuses on the unique challenges and difficult working conditions endured by heavy rescue vehicles on the 401, the world’s busiest highway. The show follows multiple major tow operators, rescue and maintenance crews day and night as they battle to keep traffic flowing along North America’s most important trade route. These businesses work tirelessly to keep the roads open through any weather condition; fom monster snow storms to overturned trucks, their efforts prevent the 401 from grinding to a crippling halt through the worst of the winter driving season. Heavy Rescue is a series about men and women facing incredible stakes in a fast- paced, relentless environment. Jobs and lives depend on these highways. And it’s up to the Heavy Rescue teams to keep them open.

The Weather Channel will continue to announce premiere dates of their new programs throughout 2020.


About The Weather Channel

Since its launch over 35 years ago, The Weather Channel television network has become the top-rated and most widely distributed weather network in America. The Weather Channel television network has been the leader in severe weather coverage, providing the most comprehensive analysis of any media outlet and serving as the nation’s only 24-hour source of national storm coverage. With trusted meteorologists who analyze, forecast and report the weather, its expertise is unrivaled. The network posted its highest ratings in its history during 2017’s historic Hurricane Irma and was the highest-rated cable network during recent hurricanes Harvey and Michael. In 2019, The Weather Channel was awarded for an Emmy for its award-winning Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) presentation. For nine years in a row, Harris Poll has ranked The Weather Channel as the “TV News Brand of the Year,” and in 2018, the Ipsos poll ranked The Weather Channel as the most trusted name in news media.